House Wires

Polysure brings in a wide range of best quality copper flexible cables that are highly insulated, heat resistant, fire retardant, and eco-friendly. Check out the variety of high-performance cables offering enhanced flexibility, high bending capacity, great electrical conductivity and defense against voltage fluctuations.

FR - Flame Retardant Wire

Polysure Wires that resist fire! Added protection for your loved ones and property. The Flame Retardant (FR) grade wires have self-extinguishable properties which ensures that in case of a fire, they do not act as fuel to the fire.

ZH. FR - Zero Halogen Flame Retardant

Zero Halogen wires. Zero compromises with your safety. During a fire, along with dense smoke, wires can also release toxic chemicals that can suffocate people and prevent fire fighters from evacuating people.




Round Cables

In a market scenario where people look for good quality multipurpose products, cables doesn’t stand apart. That is precisely why Multicore Round Cables are much in demand today. POLYSURE, keeping our commitment to customers

Single Core / Multicore Flexible Cables

Polysure Single & Multicore Flexible Copper Cable are used in low voltage signals, electrical motors, electrical appliances, control panels, DC power transformers, electrical boards, battery cables etc. These cables are highly flexible in construction & designed with high Di-electric strength.

Multicore Round Flexible Cables

While single core cables are widely used for domestic purposes, multicore cables are used in areas where space might be a constraint (medical equipment, aircraft) or in entertainment venues, theaters, heavy industries, etc.

Communication Cables


High security places such as malls, offices, roads etc. can be equipped with these wires when installing the CCTV camera for a smooth and long operation. Some of the most heinous crimes are usually recorded on CCTVs and we understand their importance and thus, invest a lot of time in developing them with utmost precision. Pick out what you want from the range of CCTV cables on the Polysure Shop online and get it delivered to your home.


The optical fiber patch cords are suitable for data communication, telecommunication applications. The terminated connectors in assemblies are designed to and are compatible with industry standards (EIA/TIA, IEC, ANSI, NTT and Telcordia). Polysure can deliver customized patch cords as per requirement.


Polysure speaker cable is ideal for hookup of speakers to stereo and surround-sound home theater systems. Polysure compact design makes this speaker wire ideal for high-performance installations where space is at a premium. This cable for speakers is also well insulated, which helps prevent audio loss.


These special cables are fire retardant as they are manufactured using polyester-taped and High Thermal Stability jacketing PVC that is specially formulated with high-oxygen and temperature index. Made to minimize cross talk through their insulated cores and Designated Lay values pairs, Polysure cables are made to go through stringent quality control tests right from the raw material stage to the final product.


Give your electrical products and machines a good reason to cheer up! Polysure Electricals offers CATV co-axial cables in two different lengths – 90 m and 305 m. Made adhering to all the safety regulations, these wires are built according to specifications and requirements of India. Their unmatched quality makes these CATV co-axial cables suitable to be deployed in homes, hotels and corporate offices for broadband, computer networking and cable TV applications.

Lan Cables / Telecom Switch Board Cables

Here rises the importance of strong and secure LAN cables that would enable data transfer with amazing speed and efficiency; and at the top in the priority list among system integrators across India is the name POLYSURE.

Telecom Switchboard Cables by Polysure Electricals are made in accordance with TEC specifications G/WIE-06/02, and customer requirements.

High & Low Voltage Cables​

Control Cables

Polysure Control cables encompass a large family of cables manufactured to various IS, BS, EN, VDE, and other international Standards. Our cables are designed for a wide range of application like industrial, signaling, transmission, measurement, control and regulation. These cables allow to transmit power at very low voltage to control the process or equipment.

Extra High Voltage Cables

Extra high voltage cable is used widely in power transmission utilities and many other industries involved in water, renewable energy, nuclear and thermal power stations, airports, railways, steel, and other manufacturing industries. Why our Extra High Voltage Cables: Point no. 3: Troester, Germany is a well-known name in CCV lines technology

High Voltage Cables

Polysure as a leading high voltage cable manufacturer in India has a state of art high voltage cable plant that uses German technology and features a manufacturing capability of upto 220KV.High Voltage cables at KEI are manufactured as outlined with Indian Standard specification

Low Voltage Cables

LV cables use stranded copper or aluminum conductors. although small conductor of cables may use solid conductors. The overall assembly may be round or flat. Non-conducting filler strands may be added to the assembly to maintain its shape. Special purpose LV cables for overhead or vertical use may have additional elements such as steel structural supports.

Solar Cables

A category wioth increasing demand, the solar cables from Polysure are getting more and more attention everyday owing to the fact that this is the most promising environment friendly industry and is expected to have a significant role in resolving the world’s energy crisis.

Other Cables

Silicone Cables

These are single or multicore cable suitable for extreme temperature conditions.

They find their application in steel industries, cement industries, glass industries, ship buildings, and aviation.

SiF and SIFF are flexible single-core cables with tinned copper conductor and silicon insulation.

Rubber Cables

Popularly known as Rubber cables. Originally started with natural rubber insulation and sheath in late 70’s now has been replaced with diffent type of synthetic rubber. Keeping the commitment of expanding it’s product range company started manufacturing elastomeric cables in 2003.

Winding Wires

Polysure’s especially designed winding wires, outfitted with a high-grade insulation impermeable to liquids, offer highest quality for submersible motors and guarantee trouble-free operation and long motor life.

Single Core

The category includes cables with PVC, FR (Flame-retardant), FR-LSH (Flame Retardant Low Smoke Low Halogen), HR FR (Heat Resistant Flame Retardant) insulated cables as per IS 694 rated for 1100V under the brand POLYSURE Single-core cables.

Flexible Code Wires

We provide a wide assortment of non rewireable moulded cords. Our range offers efficient performance and durability for rugged use. These cords are tested for conformity to required standards. We can offer these cords in various sizes and specifications.

Switchgear & Protection Devices


Ingeniously designed Gold Series Residential Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) protects Human Life from electrical shock and fire caused due to Current Leakage.

Miniature Circuit Breaker

Introducing POLYSURE MCB, a brand new Switchgear range engineered by the finest brains of India. POLYSURE MCB is one of the finest circuit breakers available in the world. Superior fire retardant engineering plastic makes these Circuit breakers one of the best security devices for Your Appliances.

Our Vision

Imagine an ecosystem where you don’t have any fear. PolySure promises you an environment where every appliance of your house is as safe as touching a feather. This is the type of electrical safety we equip your house with. From residual circuit breakers to unbreakable telephone wire, we ensure our every product makes a true home in your home. Because your safety is our prime motto.

About Us

Safeguarding houses since 2008, our journey has been fair and good to us and we’re looking forward to a great time ahead of the curve. PolySure is renowned for its astounding work in keeping families safe from electrical disasters. With this timeline, we sure can conclude that your house will be 100% safe from any electrical disaster.