Communication Cables

Lan Cables

The world of Information Technology keeps progressing from one invention to another, in the wink of an eye. This pace has created a space for cross-border communication platforms and has prodigiously increased the need for real time data transfer without transmission loss or theft. Here rises the importance of strong and secure LAN cables that would enable data transfer with amazing speed and efficiency; and at the top in the priority list among system integrators across India is the name POLYSURE. POLYSURE. Cat 6 cables feature the most sophisticated crosstalk and system noise characteristics. These technologically advanced cables are compatible with the most superior networking switchgears and also provide express-speed performance of up to 250 MHz Its unique zero interference feature assures that no novice cross talk is experienced during data transfer process. A preferred name across IT hotspots such as Delhi Mumbai Pune Bengaluru, Hyderabad Goa Kerala Chennai, Ahmadabad Vadodara Bhopal Gurgaon Jaipur etc. POLYSURE Cat 6 cables are widely acclaimed for their endurance capacity.


Range : CAT 5E & CAT 6 – twisted pair, insulated with high-quality polyethylene and unshielded light gray PVC jacket with improved fire retardant properties, low attenuation, and cross talk and low structural return loss.

Telecom Switch Board Cables

Telecom Switchboard Cables by Polysure Electricals are made in accordance with TEC specifications G/WIE-06/02, and customer requirements. These cables have solid annealed tinned/bare copper conductor, PVC insulated cores suitably colour coded for distinct identification, and are shielded to protect from outside/inter pair interference. POLYSURE’S Telecom Switchboard Cables utilizes hard grade PVC which gives them durability, and stable properties. The telecom cables can be used for indoor telephones, telephone exchanges, satellite telecommunication systems, industrial plant communication systems, EPBAX system, and various other equipments involving telephones.

POLYSURE Electricals is a trusted name for flexible cables and wires in India. If we talk about its range of flexible cables , the telecom switch board cables are worth mentioning. Made in line with TEC regulations, the telephone cables by POLYSURE are made using high grade copper wire to offer better elongation, higher solder ability and twist withstanding capability. Browse online to know more about one of the best range of telecom switch board cables in India!

Made in India, the telecom switch board cables feature hard grade PVC insulation to ensure long life and stable properties, while staggered lays of twisted pairs ensure minimum cross talk. The range of telephone cables, available in the packaging of 90 m and 180 m, by POLYSURE’S Electricals offers the best performance, enabling disturbance-free communication. So, shop the telecom switch board cables online and get it delivered anywhere in India!


  1. Comply with Cat6 specifications
  2. 4-pair unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable
  3. Pairs are braided in aluminum foil with drain wire
  4. 23 AWG solid copper conductor for superior conductivity
  5. HDPE insulation
  6. FR PVC Jacket
  7. Verified compliant with EIA/TIA standards by ETL
  8. UL-listed
  9. Packaged in an easy-to-pull box for easier installation


  1. Category : 6 UTP Solid cable
  2. Conductor : Conductor : 23 AWG (Solid)
  3. Conductor Meta : Conductor
  4. Meta : Bare Copper
  5. Insulation Material : HD-PE
  6. OD : 6.1mm ±0.2
  7. Resistance Unbalance : 5% Max
  8. Capacitance Unbalance : 330pF/100m
  9. Delay Skew : <45nS