Low Voltage Cables

Low Voltage Cables

Low Voltage Cables come in a variety of sizes, materials, and types, each particularly adapted to its uses. Cables consist of three major components: conductors, insulation, and protective outer sheath. The makeup of individual cables varies according to application.

The construction and material are determined by three main factors.

Working voltage, determining the thickness of the insulation.

Current-carrying capacity, determining the cross-sectional size of the conductor(s).

Environmental conditions such as temperature, water, chemical or sunlight exposure, and mechanical impact, determining the form and composition of the outer sheath of cable.

LV cables use stranded copper or aluminum conductors. although small conductor of cables may use solid conductors. The overall assembly may be round or flat. Non-conducting filler strands may be added to the assembly to maintain its shape. Special purpose LV cables for overhead or vertical use may have additional elements such as steel structural supports. Some LV cables for outdoor overhead use may have no outer sheath.


LV cable is used widely in many industries ranging from industries involved in water, renewable energy, distribution and power networks, nuclear and thermal power stations, airports, marine, defence, telecommunications, windmills, building,mining, offshore, applications,ship wiring, railways, automation, audio-visual and manufacturing industries, these cables can be suitable for a huge amount of applications.


  1. BIS certified IS: 1554Pt-1, IS: 7098Pt-1 product which is a best third party guarantee in the country.
  2. Available in wide range of operating temperature ranging from -40°C to 90°C.
  3. The copper/Aluminum conductor provides excellent corrosion resistance, even at elevated temperatures.
  4. Best suited for fatigue damages caused due to vibration or loading cycles.
  5. Exhibits excellent electrical, flame, and heat resistance.
  6. The cables are also exceptionally resistant to grease, mineral oils and ozone.


3.3kv to 33kv grade-(BASEC/KEMA/CPRl/ERDA Tested) Single core copper /Aluminium Conductor, Conductor screened with extruded semi-conducting compound (11KV E & above), XLPE Insulated, Insulation screened with semiconducting compound (11KV E & above) in combination with copper tape , Unarmoured/ Aluminium Flat Strip / Round Wire Armoured and overall PVC ST2/ FR/ FRLSH/ LSZH sheathed cable conforming to IS:7098/ll/85, IEC 60502-2/ BS 7835 From sizes 35 sq.mm to 1200 Sq.mm above cables can be supplied with lead sheath whenever required.