Multicore Round Flexible Cables

In a market scenario where people look for good quality multipurpose products, cables doesn’t stand apart. That is precisely why Multicore Round Cables are much in demand today. POLYSURE, keeping our commitment to customers.

In top priority has also ventured in to the production of these high-utility cables. Designed to power appliances/instruments like computers, communications, instrumentation, sound control, domestic industrial computers, security systems, audio and data transmission, these cables come in a diverse range and variety. They are competent enough to protect signal fidelity by reducing hum, noise, and crosstalk. Proved to be highly efficient in power and control applications, POLYSURE, Multicore Round Cables have every reason to stay up in consumer preferences across India.

Multi Core Round Cable consists of 2 or more insulated cores laid in helical construction and is generally used in domestic appliances and equipment. Perfect for installation in all electrically operated machines and equipment’s such as air conditioners, refrigerators, motors etc. these wires are flexible and provide the best-in-class protection all around.

Single Core / Multicore Flexible Cables

Polysure Single & Multicore Flexible Copper Cable are used in low voltage signals, electrical motors, electrical appliances, control panels, DC power transformers, electrical boards, battery cables etc. These cables are highly flexible in construction & designed with high Di-electric strength. Polysure Single & Multicore Flexible Copper Cable are having high degree of thermal stability, Oxygen & temperature index. These cables retard its spread in the unlikely event of fire felicitating rescue operation.

Multicore Round Flexible Cables

While single core cables are widely used for domestic purposes, multicore cables are used in areas where space might be a constraint (medical equipment, aircraft) or in entertainment venues, theaters, heavy industries, etc. The single as well as multi core cables from Polysure are durable and heat resistant. They do not melt or burn easily even in extreme conditions.


These wires/cables are used for wiring in control panels, machines and various electrical installations in dry and damp interiors especially under typical industrial environmental conditions.


These wires are manufactured from bright-annealed 99.97% pure bare copper conductors and hence, offer low conductor resistance. The sheathing is provided with a specially formulated PVC compound to facilitate not only ease in stripping but also to withstand all kinds of mechanical abrasion while in use. PVC compounds used for insulation and sheathing have a high oxygen and temperature index & these properties help in restricting the spread of fire.

Why Polysure Single Core & Multicore Flexible Cables

  1. Formulated with special PVC compound to work in challenging working condition & atmosphere.
  2. High on abrasion (Mechanical) withstand capacity.
  3. Excellent Fire & Heat retardant characteristics.
  4. Better reliability, energy efficiency & highest level of safety with high Oxygen Index.
  5. Highly flexible in nature felicitate easy handling at site


Flexible & Cord Cables for all electrically operated Machines & Equipment (e.g. Power Cords for Kitchen Appliances, Air-Conditioners/ Refrigerators/ Motors etc.)


  1. Flexible & Cord Cables for all electrically operated Machines & Equipments (eg. Air-Conditioners/ Refrigerators/ motors etc.)
  2. Multicore round PVC indulated industrial grade copper conductor nd FR PVC sheathed flexible cables, 1.1 kV as per IS:694
  3. 2, 3 & 4 cores available in sizes from 0.5 SQ. mm to 50 SQ. mm and for above cores and sizes on request
  4. 101% copper conductivity, 99.95% pure bare copper conductor


  1. Special grade PVC for better flexibility
  2. Sheath Colour: Ivory, White, Grey & Black.
  3. Lower power consumption
  4. High abrasion resistant
  5. Better finish and strength for heavy duty applications
  6. Voltage Grade: up to and including 1100V
  7. Every “meter length” is marked
  8. Packing: Standard packing of 100 meter in coils. Longer length available on request

Polysure Electricals produces high-quality Multicore Round Cables for different industrial and domestic applications, including air-conditioners, refrigerators and motors. Besides utilizing premium quality copper, these cables also have specially formulated PVC for higher insulation and sheath for better flexibility.



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