Multistrand Wires

Multistrand Wires

At Polysure we understand how crucial right electrical wiring is for any place, be it any industry, school, home, office or gym. Considering its importance, the range of Cables by Polysure has been crafted after extensive research and innovation. These cables are highly insulated, heat resistant, fire retardant and eco-friendly, making them absolutely safe to use. Our cables are made from the best quality copper and PVC, to perform efficiently year after year. Electrical cables by Polysure have employed special technology that is rated for 10% higher current carrying capacity, and withstanding major overloads. Check out our range of flexible cables intended for different applications.

Polysure Electricals have always prioritized safety while delivering first grade products. High Temperature Resistant Flame-Retardant Cables (HTR-FR) are high temperature resistant and flame-retardant cables that have been made using special technology rated for 10% higher current carrying capacity. These heat resistant wires can sustain high temperature rise even during the worst overloading conditions. The High Temperature Resistant Flame-Retardant Cables (HTR-FR) by Polysure work brilliantly to keep your circuits and appliances safe, for longer.

This category includes all the wires and cables necessary for residential, commercial and public infrastructures. It includes cables as per IS 694 with FR, FR-LSH, HR FR properties. FIREX LS0H (Low smoke zero halogen) is a halogen-free single core cable specially designed as per BS EN 50525-3-41, to use in Auditoriums, Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Stadiums, and all constructions for public usage where fire safety is utmost important.

Fire Retardant

Polysure brings in a wide range of best quality copper flexible cables that are highly insulated, heat resistant, fire retardant, and eco-friendly. Check out the variety of high-performance cables offering enhanced flexibility, high bending capacity, great electrical conductivity and defense against voltage fluctuations.

Heat Resistant Flame Retardant

Safeguards you and your interests. Also protects the environment. The Heat Resistant Fire Resistant (HRFR) wires are not only heat and fire resistant but also contain zero lead. The presence of lead in the PVC coating can be harmful to the environment during use or on disposal. These wires therefore not only protect you and your interests but is also gentle on the environment. Go green with Polysure HRFR wires!

Flame Retardant Wire

Polysure Wires that resist fire! Added protection for your loved ones and property. The Flame Retardant (FR) grade wires have self-extinguishable properties which ensures that in case of a fire, they do not act as fuel to the fire. With a Limited Oxygen Content of 29%, these wires will resist catching fire till the amount of oxygen in the surroundings is 29% (normally it is 21%). In addition, it has a Temperature Index greater than 2500 C. So even in the case of very high temperatures, the FR wires will continue to resist fires!

Flame-Retardant Low Smoke Halogen

Smoke is the silent killer. FR-LSH wires produce low smoke in case of a fire! Almost 80% of casualties in an electrical fire is due to inhalation of fumes and the poor visibility caused by smoke. The Flame-Retardant Low Smoke Halogen (FR-LSH) wires ensure visibility of at least 40% which helps people navigate through a fire. Low smoke also enables fire fighters to navigate easily while rescuing people trapped indoors or within buildings.

Zero Halogen Flame Retardant

Zero Halogen wires. Zero compromises with your safety. During a fire, along with dense smoke, wires can also release toxic chemicals that can suffocate people and prevent fire fighters from evacuating people. The Zero Halogen Flame Retardant (ZHFR) wires not only reduce the amount of smoke but also the amount of gases in the surrounding areas. Opt for ZHFR wires in case of indoor applications while FR-LSH wires can be the choice for applications in open spaces.


To connect whole our new world explore the range of multistand wires product from Polysure.