Speaker Cables


Polysure Speaker cables are made of high-quality material and are 99.99% Oxygen free. The thick jacket of the speaker wire makes the cable last longer and protects it from external damages.

Polysure speaker cable is ideal for hookup of speakers to stereo and surround-sound home theater systems. Polysure compact design makes this speaker wire ideal for high-performance installations where space is at a premium. This cable for speakers is also well insulated, which helps prevent audio loss.

Polysure Speaker Cable’s special winding construction offers an accurate transfer of music signals. Our specially designed speaker cable lets you hear more of the music with deeper, tighter bass, better imaging, and powerful dynamic range that easily surpasses ordinary zip cord and many more costly “audiophile” cables.


Range : twin parallel 23/36, 23/38, 40/36 and 40/38 – Polysure provides speaker cables with high-quality oxygen-free copper conductor ensuring excellent sound quality for your expensive sound system. Selecting the right gauge, length and type of speaker wire for your system helps to avoid a mismatch with your sound system.

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Polysure, being the pioneer in innovative design and best-in-class technology, offers high quality wires, cables and other electrical products. Amidst the range of flexible cables, the brand has come up with premium quality Speaker Cables which are used in making connection between loudspeaker and audio amplifiers with various sound instruments. Polysure Twin Flat Speakers Cables are available online in the length of 100-m at genuine price.

The Twin Flat Speaker Cables are manufactured with multi wire, bright annealed flexible bare electrolytic grade copper conductor, to provide high sound quality and long-lasting performance. Designed & manufactured with best parameters, the Speaker Cables enable the best performance from the connected instruments too. Check out the price of 100-m flexible cables and wires from the house of Polysure!

Available in the pack of 100-m, Polysure Speaker Cables can be easy installed like other wires and cables used in electrification. In the modern construction of airports, railway stations, auditoriums, offices, high-rise apartments and hospitals, the new building code requires easy summon to everyone. Installation of speaker cables in such areas ensures a clear and distortion free voice with very low dB loss. Buy Twin Flat Speaker 100-m Cables from Polysure online store at reasonable price, and experience amazing sound quality!


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