Submersible Flat Cables


New-age Automation needs are changing and to stay ahead you need to have nothing but the best in Cable Technology. Whether it is for connectivity or transmission, Polysure has emerged as a prestigious Manufacturer for availing an array of Cables befitting demanding industrial requirements. If you are looking for flat submersible cables, Polysure is the best option for you. We offer the best quality submersible cables which comprises of all kinds of flat submersible cables. Our submersible cables are made up of the best quality raw materials which are procured from the best sources. We also manufacture these submersible cables under the best quality conditions possible. Our range is available at quite an affordable price. We are one of the known manufacturers of submersible power cables. Our relentless pursuit of delivering the best quality is driven by a team of experts, which has placed us amidst the prominent Cables Manufacturers in India. Flat submersible cables are specialized cables used. As their area of installation is physically restrictive, and the environment is very hostile, we design and manufacture them, keeping in mind these factors to achieve the highest possible degree of reliability & safety. Certain striking features of Flat Submersible cables include excellent resistant to moisture, abrasion, grease, oil, longer flex life, excellent mechanical & electrical properties.


Multi Core Flat Cables consist of 3 insulated cores laid side by side and extruded over it using black sheathing grade PVC. These cables are flat in nature and therefore are called Flat Cables. Cores are not laid up in this type of cables and are parallel to each other. Polysure three core flat cables are manufactured under stringent quality control systems in V-Guard’s state-of-the- art cable factory at Coimbatore. Three core flat cables are ideally suited for heavy duty applications in industries and submersible pumps, in which the sheathing must withstand abrasion and prevent ingress of water inside. The sheathing is made of special grade sheathing PVC which gives the required finish and strength.



Flat cables for Submersible Pumps & Motors


  1. Better finish and strength for heavy duty applications
  2. Sheath Colour: Black
  3. Every “meter length” is marked
  4. Tough outer layer PVC for rough usage
  5. High abrasion resistant
  6. Lower power consumption
  7. Voltage Grade: up to and including 1100V
  8. Protection against rain water
  9. Protection against ingress of small solid foreign bodies


Ensure protection against mishaps while using submersible pumps and motors with flat submersible cables from Polysure Electricals! The 3 core range of power cables is specialized to be used along with submersible pumps and motors. Keeping in mind that the area of installation is physically restrictive and the environment is hostile, these flat 3-core submersible cables are apt to be used underground, under water, or on wet surface. Browse online to know more about the technical specifications of wires and power cables by Standard!

Made with the best quality material, the 3-core range of flat submersible cables have an outer sheath made from highly abrasion resistant PVC compound impervious to grease, oil, water, etc. The power cable also has progressive sequential length marking on every meter. With excellent mechanical and electrical properties, the 100-m flat submersible cables by Polysure also feature good insulation properties when submerged in water.

Available in the pack of 100 m with sizes ranging from 1.5 SQ. mm to 35 SQ. mm, the submersible pump and motor cables are absolutely safe and reliable. Moreover, they provide efficient protection against current leakage, short circuit, etc. Manufactured using the latest technology, the 100-m flat submersible cables can be used in locations having water. Give protection to your loved ones, motors, pumps and the entire circuit by using the 3-core range of flat submersible cables by Polysure Electricals.


  1. Flat cables for Submersible Pumps & Motors
  2. Three core flat PVC insulated industrial grade cable for submersible use, 1.1 kV as per IS:8130
  3. Available in- 3 core with Sizes 1.5 SQ. mm to 35 SQ. mm and for above size on request
  4. 101% copper conductivity, 99.95% pure bare copper conductor


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